Launching Open Quaternary

Several months ago, we introduced Open Quaternary in a so-called “soft launch”. All the odds and ends had been settled with our open-access publisher, Ubiquity Press, our website went live, and we began to solicit paper submissions. We also began a Facebook page, started tweeting at @OpenQuaternary and Simon Goring, an editorial board member and the research blogger behind downwithtime, graciously got this blog off the ground.


The new Open Quaternary website, highlighting recently published and top articles.


Last week saw our official launch, with 3 diverse publications representing our research and methods paper categories on a brand new, redesigned website. In addition, we, the editors in chief, included an editorial announcing the launch and papers. In just two days of launching, we had over 1000 sessions and over 2700 page views. Moving forward, we have a number of submissions in the review process, including papers in our public engagement and data categories as well as a special collection based on conference proceedings. In the meantime, we will be sharing a series of blog posts on our published articles here at the OpenQuaternary Discussions blog, so watch this space!

Of course, if you have not yet read the editorial or articles, you they are available, free, and can be viewed or downloaded at We are currently accepting paper submissions on a rolling basis.


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