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Teeth ‘heal’ at different rates among primate species

Lay summary authored by Ian Towle. The paper can be read in Open Quaternary: It is well known that the outer layer of a tooth, enamel, can’t repair after it has been removed through injury, wear or a cavity. However, … Continue reading

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Expanding our editorial board

This gallery contains 36 photos.

Open Quaternary is welcoming 36 new members to its Editorial Board in July 2018. Here we introduce the new members in the slideshow below. The full editorial board can be found at  


Ancient DNA and Stable Isotope Analysis Provide Insight into 19th Century Green Sea Turtle Dietary Ecology

This post is by Cyler Conrad and co-authors of the recently published paper “Ancient DNA Analysis and Stable Isotope Ecology of Sea Turtles (Cheloniidae) from the Gold Rush-era (1850s) Eastern Pacific Ocean.” Cyler holds a PhD in anthropology from the … Continue reading

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Turtle collectors and what we know: a meta-analysis of mainland Southeast Asia’s zooarchaeological record

This post is by Cyler Conrad, author of the recently published paper “Archaeozoology in Mainland Southeast Asia: Changing Methodology and Pleistocene to Holocene Forager Subsistence Patterns in Thailand and Peninsular Malaysia.” He is a PhD student in the Department of … Continue reading

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Article Spotlight: Older Collections and Meta Analyses

Our blog post series highlighting recent articles is back,  starting with the first of our summer publications, “The Promise and Peril of Older Collections: Meta-analyses and the zooarchaeology of Late Prehistoric/Early Historic Mexico” by Emily L. Jones and Caroline Gabe. … Continue reading

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Mid-Holocene climate adaptation and Neolithic agriculture in the Fayum basin, Egypt

John M. Marston is an Assistant Professor of Archaeology and Anthropology at Boston University. He is a member of the Editorial Board for Open Quaternary and an environmental archaeologist with research concentrations agricultural sustainability, climate-change adaptation, and the environmental impact … Continue reading

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Geoarchaeology’s role in climate adaptation.

This week’s post is contributed by Matthew Pope, a member of the Open Quaternary Editorial Board and researcher at University College London where he studies the ways in which humans have adapted to north European environments during the Quaternary. The … Continue reading

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